Victoria and Julius

A colourful courtyard wedding in Shoreditch, North London
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Victoria and Julius Shoreditch Wedding

Victoria and Julius Shoreditch wedding was an absolute blast. Taking place at the Strongroom Bar, the day was full of great memories and laughter. It was a lot of fun being their wedding photographer. While the weather threatened to be a bit ropey earlier in the day, the sun eventually fought through and treated Victoria, Julius and their guests to a warm summers day, full of vibrancy and colour.

So with a stunning bride, a sharp-suited groom, an Astin Martin DB7, some colourful bunting and music provided by the extremely talented Brooke Sharkey and her band, finding something to photograph here was not exactly a hard task. A fact that made it quite difficult for me to select my favourite images of the day for this post!
Shoreditch Wedding