Under The Tree At Laughton Barns

So here is a shot from what I think was possibly the third wedding I photographed. It was certainly one of the earlier ones.

Taken during Natalie and Luke’s wedding at Laughton Barns in Sussex, I was still very much finder my feet and my approach back then.

I was also shooting a lot of film too – mostly of my family and various days out I was attending. And Luke, a friend who I had recently got back in touch with, noticed this and asked me to photograph his wedding, with one of the things he insisted on was that I shoot some film on the day.

So somewhat hesitate and somewhat nervous – (there’s no going back with film!), I bought along my Yashica Mat 124g – a very cool and retro-looking TLR – loaded with some Kodak Portra 400 and took a number of portraits.

Undeniably, this one is my favourite.

The light was really harsh on the day, so in an effort to avoid too manage that, I asked the happy couple to stand underneath a tree in the shade and walked around them until I found the right combination of light and composition.

Aside from asking them to stand next to each other, there was little direction on my part – lets face it, they both looked pretty awesome anyway, so getting a good shot of them wasn’t going to be hard!

I’ve not used my Yashica Mat 124g in a little while now. Think it’s about time I dug it out and had fired off a few rolls again!

Three bridesmaids, almost ready…

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