Behind the scenes: Highridge Massacre

Lights, camera, fake blood, action
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Here’s a few shots I’ve been sitting on for a little while.

Sometime in 2014, I had the great pleasure of documenting the production of a short film called The Highridge Massacre.

Then last year, the film’s director Luke Brady asked me if I’d be up for taking more shots on a number of scenes he was shooting for a mini web series for Crypt TV.

I had such a great time the first time I worked with him, there was no way I could turn down another opportunity.

So with Fuji X cameras in the bag and plenty of coffee in my belly for the early start, I headed down to Newdigate, Surrey, to once again step into the weird and wonderful world of The Highridge Massacre.

The major difference this time round was that it was a bigger set with a much larger crew.

And with so many different factors at play and tasks to get done, I had to be much more considered in my approach.

The first thing I did was switch off the mechanical shutter on my Fuji XT1s. Under the usual circumstances, I would never use the electrical shutter due to its weird motion blur (sorry, I can’t remember the technical name for it right now). But the advantage of being able to take photos in complete silence without distracting anyone, was priceless in this instance. All I had to do was to stand completely still.

For research, I looked up a lot of Mary Ellen Mark’s stuff. Being a big fan of her work on various film sets through the years, I knew I wanted to try and capture a similar atmosphere that she had.  A film set can have a complex and chaotic atmosphere, yet there is something about them that is a lot of fun.

Like weddings, there is always something happening that is worth photographing.  It’s probably why I found this so much fun.

Anyway, it was an absolute blast documenting the production of The Highridge Massacre and it’s the sort of assignment that I’m hoping I can do again sometime.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite shots from the day.

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