Calendar 2021 (a4) – The Edge of Nowhere

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A 2021 calendar featuring 12 images of Dungeness, Greatstone-on-sea and Dymchurch. All images taken during the Autumn of 2020.

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About The Edge of Nowhere series

I’ve always had an affection for the area of Greatstone-on-sea, Dymchurch and Dungeness. Back in the 80’s my Nan owned a holiday home there, so we would often go down to the area during the school holidays. Naturally, I have many fond memories of the place. But what I remember most about it, is the atmosphere.

I've returned to the area several times over the last few years with my family, and on my last visit, I made a concerted effort to take a number of shots that captured the environment and the atmosphere.

It is a very desolate area, but very unique and beautiful at the same time, with something to photograph everywhere you look - be it abandoned boats or old rusting tools, once used by the local fishermen.

After my last visit, I decided to curate 12 of my favourite shots into this calendar.


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